Sunday 14 August 2022 

What is iFresh
iFresh is an application designed for Companies that sell Fresh ProduceiFresh keeps track of stock when it is picked, packed or delivered, enabling traceability throughout the supply chain to final sale, including optional quality inspections throughout. When selling on consignment for suppliers (or growers), iFresh ensures full supplier traceability and automated generation of supplier payments and receipts.

iFresh provides the following functionality:
      Deliveries / Packing 
          Unit and supplier maintenance combine with data entry of packing and/or deliveries to create 
          stock on hand.
      Offsite Deliveries / Packing
          Give access to iFresh to remote packing sheds or suppliers so packing and/or deliveries can be 
          entered and delivery advices generated remotely, ready to be invoiced directly.
      Stock Control
          Management of Stock on Hand (i.e. Produce) from packing, deliveries, sales and other stock 
  adjustments. Plus the ability to manage NON produce stock (i.e. packing material, cartons etc), 
  including automatic generation of purchase orders for stock reorder.
      Sales, Delivery Advices & Invoices
          Customer maintenance and entry of sales from stock on hand. Sales generate delivery
          advices and invoices, both of which can be printed, emailed or text/SMS direct to the customer.
      POS - Point of Sale Interface
          Easy to use Point Of Sale interface for iPad or tablet computer, which is ideal for use on Sales 
  site (i.e. in the markets).

      Sale Orders
          Enter upcoming Sale Orders to allow for Order Fulfilment and Dispatch planning. The Daily
          Planner allows users to match Purchase Orders with available stock, producing picking lists and
          dispatch reports.
      Supplier Orders
          Generate Purchase Orders for growers/suppliers, outlining produce required, date required and
          location for delivery.
      Quality Inspections
          Enter produce inspection criteria and inspect produce at delivery and/or dispatch. Ensure 
          produce that does not pass inspection is not included in sales to selected clients and 
          optionally include 
quality reports with delivery advice reports.
      Supplier Receipts
          For stock supplied by suppliers, based optionally on preset amounts, supplier receipts can be 
  generated with the click of a button. Once generated, supplier receipts can be printed or emailed 
          As well as Delivery Advices, Invoices and Supplier Reciepts, iFresh provides a suite of 
          financial performance reports, providing powerful analysis of sales performance and trends.
Listen to what our customers are saying ...
"The iFresh system is an integral part of our operation and one that we could not survive without. The benefits of the paperless system and providing our suppliers and customers with instant information without the use of delivery dockets is quite incredible. From paying our suppliers, organising orders and stock, whilst providing a limitless amount of information to all sections of the supply chain with the advantage of being away from the office, provides great flexibility. The system is easy to use with a bare minimum of staff compared to other systems. I am yet to see another system to be comparable to iFresh."

Lloyd Williams

"The iFresh system is brilliant! We love it! It has streamlined our process and reduced our administration time significantly, allowing us to spend more time on value added tasks."
John Said
Managing Director
"The iFresh system has been a great improvement to our business in the way we organise and manage our produce. Our stock control is now up to date by the minute and we are no longer writing manual dockets which is a big time saver. Its great that we can access iFresh
from any computer and its very easy to navigate. Our customers and suppliers are also impressed with the extra information we can give them."

Joseph Fragapane
Sales Manager

Contact us today to make a time to discuss your requirements further with our iFresh consultant. iFresh is available NOW and can be up and running in your business within 24 hours.

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