Sunday 29 May 2022 

iFresh Features
Customer & Supplier Database
Ability to maintain Customer and Supplier information, including name, emails, contact numbers and addresses. Customers can be flagged to receive invoices and delivery advice by email or hardcopy, while suppliers can be flagged similarly for their receipts.
Deliveries / Packing
Deliveries (or packing) are recorded in the system and where applicable, packing and box costs attributed. Delivered and packed items are added to Stock On Hand until allocated to a customer sale.
Stock Control
Delivered and packed stock is added to Stock On Hand until allocated to a customer sale. Stock Adjustments for data entry error, waste etc are also available via the stock control area.
Customer sales are created by selecting from Stock On Hand. Sale prices are entered and the system automatically calculates Supplier Payment amounts based on Commission settings while accounting for packing, box and freight costs. Delivery Advices and Invoices and can be printed or emailed directly to customers.

Point Of Sale
iFresh includes a Point of Sale module which is easy to use and designed for use on iPad and/or tablet computers. This module makes it easy for entering Sales in a market environment. Invoices can be sent to your customer via email and SMS, while deliveries can be managed by staff from within the same module.

Purchase Order Module
iFresh includes an optional module for the entry and management of purchase orders. The Daily and weekly planners in this module clearly outline upcoming orders, allowing for complete management of stock allocation, picking, delivery and invoicing. 

Quality Module
iFresh includes an optional module for quality inspection of produce at delivery and/or dispatch. Quality criteria is completely customisable, as defined for each produce type. Quality inspection reports can be included with delivery advice and customers can be flagged as not to accept produce that has not been passed inspection.
iFresh includes a suite of reports including:
      Levy Summary Report
      Sales by Customer (summary and detail)
      Sales by Supplier (summary and detail)
      Sales by Produce (summary and detail)
      Sales by Delivery/Packing (summary and detail)
      Transport Summary Report
Including some graphs/charts showing:
      Sales broken down by month
      Sales By Produce
      Sales by Destination (pre-determined destination categories)
      Sales by Supplier (sales broken down by supplier in pie chart)
      Sales by Customer (sales broken down by customer in pie chart)
NB: As a web based application, iFresh allows users to access the system securely, from any internet connected PC or tablet device. This connectivity makes it possible for selected suppliers to be given restricted access to the system, allowing them to enter their own deliveries remotely.
Contact us today to make a time to discuss your requirements further with our iFresh consultant. iFresh is available NOW and can be up and running in your business within 24 hours.

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