Sunday 29 May 2022 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean when you say iFresh is customisable?
Customisable means that both the system functionality can be modified to suit you and the way your organisation does business.
While some aspects of the iFresh system have already been designed to be switched on or off, as custom software developers for over 15 years, ALADN System Solutions are able to modify or tune the iFresh functionality relatively quickly in most cases. Larger customisations can be undertaken as consulting tasks and scheduled accordingly.
You mention iFresh is a Served Application. What exactly does that mean?
Served application means that your instance of iFresh runs on our application servers. To use iFresh, you simply use any internet connected computer (or tablet) to logon and start using your system.
Our servers are dedicated to serving iFresh applications and are located at a Tier One data centre provider.
What are the advantages of a Served Application approach?
This approach is great for a number of reasons. As the developers of the iFresh system, ALADN System Solutions (ALADN) are in the best position to host and provide ongoing support. With served applications, you don't need to worry about backups, maintenance or other possible compatibility and/or IT issues, just turn up to work and use the system. Bug fixes and upgrades are our responsibility and can be applied to your iFresh installation, in most instances, while you sleep.
What are the disadvantages of a Served Application approach?
The only disadvantage to served applications is when clients have slow or unreliable internet connections. Today this rarely an issue.
What about access to our database for reporting purposes?
If you would like to have a copy of the database for reporting purposes OTHER than the many reporting available and supplied within the iFresh system, we can provide a copy of the database on an agreed periodical basis.
Contact us today to make a time to discuss your requirements further with our iFresh consultant. iFresh is available NOW and can be up and running in your business within 24 hours.

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